Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ralph Got Baptized!

Another Solid week here in Morgan City. We have been working with a lot of less active members this week. The missionaries that have been in this area in the past haven't worked with less actives or part members. But, that's how Elder Davidson and I had so much success in Many--by working with less actives and part members. And by how this week has gone, that's probably how we will have success here! We had Ralph's Baptism on Saturday. It went really well. He was so prepared, I love it! We hope to get him the priesthood next week and then hopefully get him called as the Branch Mission leader. I had the blessing of confirming him yesterday. It was a sweet experience! 

I actually didn't do to much English work this week. We went on an exchange with the Spanish Elders and so I went with Elder Nelson to do spanish work! I learned how to bear my testimony in Spanish and I got a bunch of chances to do it. Some laughed and others were quite impressed! hah To tell you the truth though, I sounded liked a real gringo! I'm basically the one that all the Spanish members in our branch make fun of! So, first the prayer in Spanish at the baptism, then I bear "mi testimonio" and I even read in Spanish! So, I'm expecting a call from President Wall any day now asking me to go Spanish speaking for a few transfers :)

None of our investigators came to church this week. We are going to work hard to get some next week. We have a lot of solid people that say they want to get baptized but just haven't put forth the effort to make it there. So we are gonna start working even harder than before!

Be obedient and faithful. And I can promise you that if we endure trials well, those promised blessings from having both Mad and myself serving the Lord will come! Read D&C 122. It brings tears to my eyes!  I love y'all so much. And I'm proud of each and everyone of you. I miss you, family! Be safe, Have fun, and enjoy life!

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