Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This email is going to be really short... I'm sorry. A member just came and surprised us at the library and is taking us to the Zoo! 

This past week was branch conference, so it was nice to have all the stake leaders come. No investigators came.  But, we had 3 recent converts at church. Ralph, Greg and one that was baptized awhile ago. It was awesome, The one that was awhile ago is preparing to go to the temple, so that's really cool. Greg is getting the priesthood next Sunday! Wohoo! I'm excited for him. So, I'm really happy with the progress that each of our recent converts is making. 

A great lesson that I have had to learn the hard way recently is that being humble is the key to being a great disciple. Pride brings us down lower than what our calling is. The Lord has definitely helped me learn that lately, and I'm sure he willl continue to help me with that.

Greg Got Baptized!

"This week was great, full of plenty of different events...Monday we went to the gator farm! We went with some of the Hispanic members that have some hook ups! It was really cool.  But also this week I experienced my first bike crash! It's been raining almost everyday, and so we were biking from the area that we were working to the Adams apartment so we could take cover until it cleared up. The roads here in Louisiana are not level so there are a lot of puddles. Well I went through one at a weird angle and I laid my bike down (yes I only say that to make it sound cool). I did jump off, but my right leg got caught under the frame of the bike. So, I braced my fall with my right hand, forearm, elbow and shoulder. Not to much damage though. My whole right side is a little sore. And I have a huge chunk of flesh missing from the palm of my hand. I thought I was going to have to get stitches, but it wasn't as deep as I thought. But after I wrecked I popped back up and we rode the rest of the way to the Adams. And Sister Adams took such good care of me. She treated me like one of her own Grandchildren. Speaking of which, she has a cute Grand daughter that I'm gonna start writing :) But, anyways I really appreciated her love and care!

Greg also was baptized this week! It was so cool, he invited his wife and grand daughter to his baptism, And I think we are gonna start teaching them this week! He is so funny, he wanted to know how the water felt before we started the service so he walked right on in and sat down so only his head was dry! He was like, "Oh yeah, that should be good." When he walked into the chapel, his wife said, "Wait you were baptized already!?!?" She was so worried that we did it with out her. Greg is so awesome. Ralph came back this week. but not in time for Greg's baptism. But we got a serious "Bromance" going on with those two! It's so sweet."

Gator Farm

 "Another solid week in the mission field. I'll start off by talking about how the work is going and then get into everything else... So this week was slow with teaching. But on the bright side, all our investigators are progressing in the Gospel. Greg is getting baptized this Saturday! I'm so excited, he is such a great example of a dedicated follower of Christ! Don't worry I will send home pictures. Then ALex and Alicia are taking huge steps in their relationship and in the Gospel. They are so awesome, I love them a lot. We had Stake Conference this weekend. Elder Zivic of the Seventy was the visiting authority. 

Okay so now for some funny stories and events that happened this week... So we recently have started going to a donut shop from breakfast every morning. (We bike there for morning workouts) And let me tell you... it's a hoot. It's like those old fashion diners where all the old men go and just cut up (joke around) and tell stories. It's so funny. The chef loves us and calls us her adopted grandsons. The old men love us too, I think I've only paid for my breakfast once, cause usually one of the old men just say "Aye, BeBe, just throw these 4 young fellas on my tab" and just walk out the door.  We have been doing a lot of service for people. Members, non members, I even bought a hot n spicy for our good friend Maurice. (Homeless guy under the bridge). President Wall has put a lot of focus on serving people so that we love them. So we hope to see some miracles from that pretty soon.

Monday, June 4, 2012

"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your Lord."

We had a good week with teaching lots of lessons. We went back and tried a bunch of old investigators and are starting to teach them again. But on the other hand we didn't get to see any of the less active families that we have been working with. So this week we are going to try a happy medium. We helped move in the Senior Couple this week, the Adams. They are so sweet. They seem to really like us, so I'm sure we will see a lot of sweet miracles with their help. 

This week at church was awesome. We had 52 people! Sadly 12 of them were visitors, but that's okay! I'll take what the Lord will give us!  Greg came to church and he bore his testimony! He is committed now for June 16th! 

But something cool that I read this week that I want to share with you... D&C 98: 2-3
2 Waiting patiently on the Lord, for your prayers have entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth, and are recorded with this seal and testament—the Lord hath sworn and decreed that they shall be granted.
3 Therefore, he giveth this promise unto you, with an immutable covenant that they shall be fulfilled; and all things wherewith you have been aafflicted shall work together for your good, and to my name’s glory, saith the Lord. 

Heavenly Father hears and answers your prayers. I can promise you that he does. He loves us and sometimes doesn't answer us right away, and that's because he does them in his own due time and for our own good, even if sometimes we don't see it that way.

I love and miss yall so much! I only ask one things from each and every one of you. And that's for M&M's... just kidding. But just live life, and don't get caught up with the world. Stay strong and be happy. Now ill get off my soapbox... Have a great week! Love y'all!

This past week was quite the crazy one. We had Zone Conference, which was really. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it is so key in our conversion because everything relies on whether that book is true scripture of God. We also talked a lot about how to strengthen our wards, or in our case branch, and how to get the members more active. We also moved apartments. It took us about a day and a half to move everything over and then we cleaned our old apartment. 

Greg, Alex and Alicia all came to church on Sunday! It was go great! They only stayed for sacrament meeting, so we will work with them on trying to stay all three hours next week. But, at least this is a step in the right direction. We had to move Greg's baptismal date back because we weren't going to teach him everything in time. 

Yesterday was really fun! One of the members had a craw fish boil and a BBQ. They invited us over and it was tons of fun. They are Hawaiian and Samoan and so they of course had tons of food and tons of fun. We had a good time. 

I miss and love yall so much!