Monday, May 21, 2012

This week was a really fun week! A member in the branch took us out for crawfish on Tuesday. I learned how to crack them open and suck the juices out of their head! Yummy! Actually, it was really good. I took plenty of pictures so don't worry! Im sending the memory card home this week. This is by far the best memory card. It is very coveted among missionaries here. We also went over to a less active members house and they were eating crab! I was stoked when they asked us to sit down and eat with them. It reminded me of all those family reunions when Uncle Jamie would go buy them. I know Uncle Jamie is probably super jealous right now :) It was a fun time!

Also this week, we were able to sit down with one of our recently acquired investigators and have a lesson with him. We taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel and he loved it! He said this is so remarkable and that everyone should know about this! We jokingly told him that we are trying, people just don't like to listen. But he committed to read and pray and to be baptized on June 2! But that's not all. This past week he stood up and bore his testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting! I was so shocked. It was a very nice testimony about how he has been trying to come closer to God and he feels like this is how he is going to do it. 

President Wall also came down to interview Catherine on Sunday. He said she is so ready. She is so sweet and you can't help but to love her! She is being baptized in Chicago because she has a really good friend that introduced her to the Gospel that lives up there, and her friend offered to buy her a plane ticket to come up and be baptized there. So, we got her all ready for baptism and she leaves tomorrow. I'm so happy for her. She is so amazing. 

Sadly we did not get to go to the Gator Farm! They were busy and wouldn't show us around. But, today we are going into the roughest part of Morgan City and play basketball with all the gang members and drug dealers! They love us here! hah One guy actually invited us. 
I love and miss y'all tons! If anyone out there is looking for something in there life to help them read Alma 37:44-45!

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