Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This past week was alright. We got to visit with 3 of our 4 main investigators. Unfortunately, none of them came to church this week! That was a real big let down! I can't remember how much I've told y'all about Katherine. But she is so sweet! I love her. She is getting baptized on May 20 up in Illinois. I'm so stoked for her and amazed at her love for Christ's restored gospel. She was out of town Sunday so that's why she didn't come. But we also saw Alex and Alicia this week quite a bit as well. They are a young unmarried couple that just had a beautiful baby boy! He is about a month old. They have been going through some rough times, it breaks my heart. So, we have been trying to help them out with that. I'm not sure why they didn't come to church, they committed to come when we stopped by Saturday. So, I hope everything is okay. 

But another real big let down was at church yesterday. It starts at 9 am. And at 9 am when we were suppose to start, there were only 10 people there including 4 missionaries! We were way sad. But, slowly as Sacrament Meeting went on, people slowly came in. By the end of Sacrament Meeting, we had about 30. Which is still really sad since we have been averaging about 45 these last 3 weeks!

Funny story of the week! We went to go visit this less active guy. But he was asleep, so we were talking to his girlfriend who is Black (Yes, that matters for the story) She is so funny and sweet. She has had heart problems like crazy and the doctors told her that if she doesn't quit smoking she will die! But, she doesn't care, she still smokes all day everyday! That's not the funny part; so she was talking and then all of her grandchildren came up and she said "Dem churn make me want to pull my hair out." and I was like,"Churn?" and she said "Yeah, Churn" and pointed to all the little kids. She was saying "Children" hahahaha I should have known, I'm in the south. I've heard that a couple times and I guess I just have never noticed how funny it is. 

A cool fast food miracle! So we went to Taco Bell to freshen' up after a good 'ole beat down in skreetball on all the neighborhood kids in the projects. And I went up to the lady at the register to ask for a water cup. And as she was giving me the water cup she said "Y'all are those guys that go around and give cards to people right?" I said "Yeah! Would you like one?" She gave an enthusiastic "Yes!" I handed her one and was able to talk to her a little about what we do and gave her a Book of Mormon. She seemed excited to read it. So mom the reason why my bank account is rapidly depleting is because all the miracles are happening at fast food places! hah And what kind of missionary would I be if I didn't follow those promptings to go eat there? I guess Heavenly Father is just preparing those kind of people that work there! So remember Churn, follow the promptings of the spirit at fast food places! :)

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