Monday, May 21, 2012

Catherine Got Baptized!

To start off, I want to congratulate Caroline on granduating from High school this week! I'm sorry I won't be there to cheer you on, but on Thursday I will for sure be thinking of you! It's weird feeling, I know. But, its so awesome so I hope you enjoy every second of it! 

This week was good. The most excting news is that Catherine was baptized yesterday! It didn't seem like it because she was baptized up in Chicago. But, the missionaries up there texted us after the service and told us that it went very well. I'm so excited for her to come back next Wednesday! Now that she is baptized the next person to make the same commitment is Greg. He is praying about the 2nd of June. I know he will be ready by then if you puts his mind to it. Sadly, no one came to church again this week. We reminded Greg, Alex and Alicia both Saturday night and Sunday morning. And they still didn't show up! It was really frustrating. Especially since only 30 people were at sacrament meeting. I don't think they are truly converted to the Gospel. I don't know if I told you or not, but we are getting a Senior Couple missionary starting June 1st! I'm so excited because they will help a lot with Less active work and also helping strengthen the branch leadership! That will help a lot. We are still working hard to find some more solid people to teach.
Some big news is that we are moving! The Adams (the senior couple) are moving into the apartment that we are currently living in so we found a new place and will be living there. It's great because it is in Morgan City so we don't have to bike into where most of our work is. Plus, it is kinda by the ghetto, so we will be playing more skreetball! Yea skreetball! I'll send you the address as soon as we find out what it is. 
I miss and love y'all so much! I'm stoked to hear about all the fun things that everyone does during the summer. I know one of those activities will be writing your favorite missionary... ME! hah But be safe, have fun, and enjoy life my friends.

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