Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

We got evacuated yesterday from Morgan City to Baton Rouge because the hurricane is coming right towards us! So crazy! We are expected to stay here until Friday. I don't know what 40 missionaries are going to do in Baton Rouge for 5 days!
It will be an interesting week for sure. I'll definately have some stories for you next week. But I am safe, so there is no need to worry. Prayers would be appreciated though for all the memebers and stuff that will be hit by the hurricane. Let's hope it's not too bad. Someone told us that Wednesday is the 7 year anniversary of Katrina... So that's kinda weird how Isaac is supposed to hit on Wednesday.... Hope its not as bad though.
Well, that was the exciting part for the week. The rest of the week went by pretty fast. We had some really good lessons with Gaby and also with Jay and Michelle. Gaby is committed for the 8th of September. We feel she wil be ready! Jay and Michelle are gonna be a little longer of a process, but they are so sweet and I love them a lot. They have the cutest little girl that is always
asking me to borrow my mini Book of Mormon and she just sits there and
pretends to read it while we read it with her parents. It's so sweet.

Church was great this week! Gaby came. I think she really enjoyed it. She came into our class that we teach and she seemed to really like it. We had 50 people there at church this week. That almost doubles our 27 from last week! I guess with he hurricane coming everyone is trying to get right with God. We are still struggling to find new people to teach. But this gives us a chance to focus on the ones that we are teaching. 

Things are going great here. I love every second of it. Something that really hit me hard this week is about being prepared--both in a physical way and a spiritual way. It's crazy to see that once a hurricane is about to come all the food, water and gas just seem to disappear. People are panicing and just not knowing what to do because they don't have a plan or aren't prepared beforehand. It is like when the Savior comes again. It would be a funny sight to see if we were told that Jesus was coming in 3 or 4 days. Imagine how many people would start going to church, or start to repent or read and stuff, I could just see all the bibles at Walmart just start to disappear, or all of the Book of Mormons from Deseret Book. Imagine how many people would be trying to go to the temple. Yes, all those things are good, but by that time, it's too late!!!! Why can't we just live the Gospel now so we don't have to panic when the Savior comes. This really hit me hard this week, and I know it's because I need some changes made in my life. But I love the Savior and I'm so grateful for this time that I have to be able to testify of him and bring people TRUE happiness.

I love and miss yall tons!

From email on August 27, 2012

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