Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This week was a much better week. It rained a ton. We didn't have too many lessons because of it. We had to chnage our plans a lot according to the weather, which really stinks.  But, it helped us learn patience again. But, I'll take this kind
of patience over the stuff we went through last week any day. We had
really good lessons with both Gaby and Jay and Michelle. We re-taught the plan of salvation to Gaby and she was able to basically teach us what it was at the end of the lesson. She is so stinkin' smart.

No one came to church this week. It was flooding everywhere on Sunday due to all the rain. But we just read from the Book of Mormon with Jay and MIchelle, they even invited us over for a shrimp boil they had on Saturday! They taught us how to do one, so when I get home we can have them whenever the whole family comes together! That would be so much fun! Michelle asked us to help her with some things she is struggling with because she notices that we have something that can help her and she honestly wants it. She and Jay are a long way from being converted, but they have that desire that it talks about in Alma 32:27. I love them a lot. We hope to see them progress a lot this week.  

There's this lady in our Branch names Sister G, I'm sure I have mentioned her before. She was brought up in the church here in Morgan City by her Mother that's a member, but her father isn't. She has 4 or 5 sisters that were brought up in the church as well. But, slowly throughout the years all of her sisters have fallen away. She and her mom are the only ones coming to church out of
everyone in their family. Her husband works off shore for more than half the year and so it's just her and the kids. Her only support is from her mom. And yet she is at church every week, fulfilling her calling plus more. She is always helping us out and doing more than what is asked. Her quiet, strong testimony is always with her. She knows the Gospel is true and she lives it. People like her are the reason why the Gospel still remains here in the South. I look up to her so much and she gives me,and everyone else, hope that even though we might not have all the support in the world or even none, we can still live and love the Gospel. Life is rough, we have all things of the world stacked up against us, but
if we ground ourselves and be humble, we can fight through it and find REAL happiness. I don't know a whole lot, but I do know that we have more help than we can see and feel, we have people rooting for us. I love you all.

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