Monday, September 24, 2012

This week was good! It was hard to get back into the swing of things since the past month or so has been a little different schedule than normal mission life. It was hard to get back to waking up and having studies for 3 hours instead of kicking down sheet rock and ripping out carpet. I will never look at the construction of a house the same way. In fact, I was going to the bathroom in a members home and I just had this sudden urge to take a crow-bar to the wall and start taking all the dry wall down... luckily I held back.

But things are pretty much back to normal we had interviews with president this week. He is  such a awesome and inspired man. He has really helped me stretch and develop as a missionary and as a man. G came to church this past Sunday and I feel like she really enjoyed it. She is set to be baptized next month after Conference!  This week at church I blessed the sacrament, taught the youth Sunday School and taught the combined Relief Society and Priesthood!  All without any notice. I don't mind because that's what we get paid to do (not really, that was ajoke) But Bishop Dilger, don't get any funny ideas for when I get home.

We also started teaching G's ex wife this week. G is so awesome, he passes the sacrament every week and is really trying hard to be a good branch missionary! He bore a sweet testimony about the Book of Mormon in the lesson with her.

But thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes! I cant believe ill be 20 this Wednesday. Gosh I'm getting old!

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