Monday, October 15, 2012

We are focusing most of our efforts on Gabby right now. These next few 
weeks Satan will do everything in his power to stop her from being 
baptized, it's our job to be a shield for her from that mist ofdarkness.
We had a great testimony meeting yesterday.  A lot of members bore their testimonies on 
how being in a small branch really allows them to grow as Christians and help them 
become more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost was booming. 
I could really feel the pure love of Christ in that meeting.
Greg is such a stud! He said the opening prayer, passed the sacrament, bore his 
testimony, and brought a friend to church that wants to be baptized! He is really 
progressing! We also had a really good lesson with Catherine.
I love and miss y'all so much. I had an awesome Birthday! Thank you momma for
the package, Grammy and Grandpa for the package, and Aunt Noel for the pizza! 
That was a great surprise! Easily one of the best birthdays yet! Everyone go read Mosiah 5:2. 
That's in the Book of Mormon. If you need a Book of Mormon wave down the white shirt and tie guys 
on bikes and ask them for one.

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