Monday, October 15, 2012

We had a pretty rough week this week. On Tuesday our other top
investigator dropped us. I was shocked. It's been real rough lately, 
one thing after another. I feel like this is the most obedient and 
hard working ive been on my mission, but then all these trials are happening. 
Funny how that works, huh? We do everything in our power to live the Gospel 
the way it's suppose to be lived and then we go through a bunch of trials. 
I've come to the conclusion that the Lord gives us those trials to test us and
see if we are really serious or not. It's easy to do the
right thing when everything is going right, but adversity brings out
the true person under what everyone can see. When adversity hits, that's
when the person that God see's is displayed.
But I can testify to the fact that after those trials miracles come.
This Sunday and this morning a miracle or two came. On Sunday we
had 3 or 4 less active people come to church that havent come in a long
time. The great thing is that I think this time they will keep coming
back. We had some really good lessons with them this week. We also
did a lot of service for each of them! The other miracle was this
morning while we were fishing we got a text from Alex,an old old
investigator.  He texted us and said that they
are planning on getting married and want to get married at the Church!
To see them get married would be such a sweet blessing. That's the
biggest road block for them to be baptized, and if we were able to see
them do all of that, then all these hardships and trials would be soooo
worth it.  I know that's just one of many miracles to come from
enduring these things with a good attitude!
President Wall has been instructing a lot on Loving, Serving, and
teaching. When we do all three of those things at the same time it
creates a beautiful harmony of energy and love. It was cool to get some 
ideas and hear some miracles that other missionaries have see while doing that.

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