Thursday, March 21, 2013

We had a great week here in Albany! I absolutely love it here. The
Ward is so supportive and spoils us, we just found 2 new super awesome
people to teach, we are helping the other missionaries in our zone and
the Lord is just blessing us like crazy. So life is good for chubby
ole Carter. Speaking of which I have 3 weeks to lose 6 more pounds,
looks like I might have to start jogging in the morning :/ but Elder
Jensen is going home in about 6 weeks so we wants to lose weight as
well, which helps. We are cutting back on the fast food and we hope to
throw the football around more since the weather is warming up, it was
pretty chilly this past week. But this week should be warm and sunny.
So as far as the work goes... Last Sunday we helped a lady move in
right across the street from us, just wanting to help her out. We
stopped by a day or so later to see how she was doing and if we could
do anything for her. Well turns out she just got out of a bad
relationship, is a single mom of 3 young girls and is going to school
and working. So needless to say she has a full plate. But she was
really friendly and open to talk with us, so we gave her a Book of
Mormon and invited her to read it. A couple of days later we stopped
by and she has read the chapter we had left with her and she said she
really enjoyed it! So we taught her the Restoration and she felt the
spirit big time! It was such a sweet lesson and she really enjoyed it.
So we invited her to come to church, and she actually came! That
rarely happens the first time you ask! hah Well it was fast and
testimony Sunday, and as a missionary you are kind of scared to have
someone come to church for the first time and witness a fast and
testimony meeting. But luckily a member of our bishopric
was conducting and started off the meeting by bearing a super powerful
and spiritual testimony. He is a boss, he even threw in some stuff in
there because he knew Gwen was there for the first time. The whole
meeting was really good though, Gwen said that she even cried
during some. So I see nothing but white clothes and a full font in the
near future. We are starting to see miracles like this one more and
more. The Lord is good to us, very good.
A short thing about my studies this week. I was reading in John where
it talks about His association with Pilate and the Jews. Pilate finds
nothing wrong, yet the Jews still wanted to kill him. He said "Shall I
crucify your King? " And their response was "The chief priests
answered, We have no king but C├Žsar." It's sad that His own people
didn't recognize Him as their Savior. Sometimes I wonder if we, as his
faithful followers, sometimes do the same. We don't recognize Him as
who he really is, our Savior and Redeemer. Our brother and friend. I
know for me, I get caught up in so many other different things, that I
forget that sometimes. But, even with the Jews not accepting him, and
even with me sometimes not putting him first, He still loves us. He
still died for us. And he still continues to cheer us on. Imagine how 
much love that is, cause I know that I cant evenimagine that! That 
really hit me hard the other day.

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