Thursday, March 21, 2013

This week has been pretty crazy, I hope that I cover everything. Well
first things first, I did get my new comp. His name is Elder Jensen.
He is from Murry Utah. We have been really busy. We got a new set of 
sisters in Hammond area and so we had to help them move in. We are 
getting so many new missionaries that we don't even have enough beds 
for them! So the sisters didn't have beds, but don't you worry Elder 
Jensen and I drove to our place and threw our beds in the back of the 
truck and brought them to their place. So it's the couch and the floor 
for Elder Jensen and I! 
The BYU baseball team came and played LSU this week. Pres Wall knew 
one of the coaches so he set up a fireside in Denham Springs. It was 
really cool. I enjoyed it a lot. And I got to see Keaton (friend from 
home ward who plays on BYU baseball team), it was so sweet. I also saw 
Colin Braithewaite, we went to Elementary school together. He plays for 
them too. I went to the BYU SE Louisiana game on Saturday. BYU didn't 
play very well, but I guess they beat LSU which was a big upset. 
We got to put our truck to good use. A less active member got stuck in
the mud at his house, so we just turned on the 4wheel drive and went
back in this super wet muddy grass. They tied a rope up to both
trucks, but sadly it was too wet and his truck was really stuck. But
hey at least we got the truck a little muddy!  It was sweet. 
Now that Elder Bennett is gone, I'm just trying to get use to the area 
and training my comp on how to be a Zone Leader (I'm still learning
for myself). 
But something that I learned this week... I've been reading the New 
Testament and 3 Nephi side by side, and it's remarkable how much you
can get out of the Savior's teachings that way. But something that I
read this morning out of John 15, the Savior says in vs. 2 "Every
branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch
that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more
fruit." This was a little confusing to me at first, but as I pondered
and used the footnotes, I learned that the branch is us, and that the
fruit are our good works and our faith being put into action. When he
"purgeth" us means he tests us, or lets us go through trials and hard
times. But why does he do that? So that we "may bring forth more
fruit." So that from our trials our faith and conversion will be
lasting and that "our fruit should remain" as it says in vs. 16.  From
being purged, we know that it's only because our Father in Heaven loves
us and wants us to learn and to grow. From these trials, we will
remain, we will be truly converted and we will gain deeper
understanding of the Gospel and our relationship with our Father in
I miss and love ya'll like crazy. I can't beleive it's 8 months until I
come home, I'm most likely going to be that weird awkward return
missionary that just wants to talk about his mission all the time. Haha!


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