Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zone Conferences

Zone conferences are officially over! We did our last one on Friday. It's been a long two weeks, but so Spirit filled and rewarding. I think I learn more each time we instruct, all the missionaries give great comments and have sweet insights and so looking back and adding all of them up is a lot of new knowledge of the gospel. I love it. The following was a flood of revelation that I gained for myself as one of the Zone Conferences was going on... 

My sacred grove is my mission. Joseph Smith said his first faith filled prayer, experienced the power of the adversary, gained a personal testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, received an answer to his prayer and felt the spirit more strongly than ever before. I too have experienced similar things on my mission. The sacred grove for Joseph Smith, changed his life and changed the World. My mission for me, changed my life, and  will change my family's life for the better. 

So it was cool the have the spirit teach me that in one of our meetings.

We have MLC this week and then transfers next week so these next two weeks are gonna be busy and hectic. Elder Parker goes home midway next transfer so he'll be released as an AP and go somewhere for 2 weeks before he goes home. 

I also started working out a lot harder and so hopefully I'll start losing weight, only 3 months left, there is no time for laziness. 

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