Saturday, August 10, 2013

Well this past week was a crazy one. We had MLC which was really good. We talked about unity and obedience. As well as how one person can make a difference, hopefully that pumped everyone help, because I know it pumped me up. We watched this thing by Andy Andrews on Joshua Chamberlin. He was a leader in the army that made this one decision that basically changed the outcome of the war and the world. I would highly recommend it.

Then pretty much everyday after that we were at the mission home with president working on transfers. Transfers is this Wednesday. We are crazy busy so this email will pretty much suck. Im sorry. hah We finalize transfers today, make the calls. Then tomorrow we go pick up the new missionaries from the airport, get them settled in, eat dinner and have  a testimony meeting. Wednesday is transfers, which is also crazy. That night we go to the temple with the missionaries going home, then have dinner and a testimony meeting. Thursday is bright and early to take all the missionaries to the airport to go home. So it will be a fun week :) I love transfers, they are hectic, but always fun. 

We saw a little cool miracle last night. So we were driving to this musical fireside at the stake center when I noticed that the gas light was on and we only had 9 miles left to empty. Well the stake center is like 10 miles away from where we stay and we were just leaving our place when it came on. Elder P wanted to stop and get gas, but I felt like the Lord would provide. He always had. So I just joked that all we needed was a little faith and everything will be fine. He kept insisting that "the ox is in the mire" it's ok to get gas on Sunday. But I learned something this week. "Failure is the only option for a man that accepts the status quo." Sure the rest of the world can stop for gas. But God asked us to keep the Sabbath day holy, and by golly we were gonna keep the Sabbath day holy. I had 100% faith that God would take care of this minor issue for us. So we ended up not getting gas last night.  We ended up driving close to 30 miles, when there was on 9 left in the tank. Then we got up early this morning and the car turned on like normal and we were able to go get gas!

I love and miss yall so much! Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers, I can definitely feel them working for me.

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