Friday, September 13, 2013


We are now in a tri panionship. This is the third one I've been in on my mission. And so far this is the best one. I still don't like tri panionships. But Elder Hauata really helps make things better. He will probably be one of my favorite companions. 

Well, it was another eventful week here in the mission field. This was probably the craziest transfer so far. The AC upstairs in the mission home went out right as the new missionaries were getting there. So for about 2 hours President, Elder Parker and myself were running around the mission home trying to install 3 window units to try and cool down the upstairs. It was like 90 degrees up there.  Poor Elders--they were the ones that had to sleep up there. But only one of the units actually fit in the window. The other two were too big and so we had to ghetto rig it. One of them we put on a dresser right in front of the window and then duct-taped the open space so bugs didn't come in. Then the other one we put on a music stand and duct-taped the middle of it so it didn't slide down.  Yes is was super ghetto, but really funny. Turns out there is a reason why the units have to hang out the window... because they drain water out of them.  So we had some puddles in one bathroom and in the bedroom. It was a mess for sure! 

We are going down to New Orleans today for P'day. Elder Parker's sister is down there so we are going to lunch with her and her husband. It should be fun because we are also going to go to the shops and stuff. I've already been, but now I'm at a point in my mission where I want to buy stuff to take home. 

Sorry that I don't really have any spiritual experiences. I hope to have more of them this week. For Specialized training this month we are going around to each Zone and we are having a Zone service project. So that will be really fun, I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures.

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