Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Miracle is not that We Do This Work, But that We are Happy Doing It

I am Happy.

The last few weeks, or even months, I've felt like Satan has just been hitting me as hard as he could. Attacking every weak spot that I have. And for awhile I felt like I was losing the battle and feeling myself slip. But finally, this last week I had some experiences that helped me see, that although Satan was hitting me hard, God will never let one of his servants lose the fight. As long as that servant is faithful. 

Experience 1. We were on exchanges and we were going to see a less active before dinner. And as we were getting out we see a lady taking groceries to her apartment. So we asked to help and at first she said, no but we insisted so she let us help. As we were helping her, her fiance comes and helped us. When we got into their apartment they thanked us and we just started up a basic conversation that led to asking if they wanted to learn more. They said absolutely and were so interested and wanted to cook us dinner and they said that they really wanted Jesus more in their life and they need to find a church. That experience helped me know that God knows each of us. He knew that they wanted to be more spiritual, he knew Elder Helie would be inspired to make one last stop before dinner, even though I didn't want to. Then he knew that I would offer to help someone when they were in need. All of that played into the role of a miracle and it's all because Heavenly Father knows and loves us.

Experience 2. This Sunday was fast and testimony Sunday for us. I was fasting for strength and praying that someone would say something in their testimony that would help me fight this battle against Satan. Well it didn't start off very well because I had to apologize to a lady that Elder Hauata forget to tell her they would miss dinner. She was mad at me, even though I wasn't even there, I was on exchanges. So I took heat for that. Then a few other embarrassing things happened before church and I just felt like crap. So I was praying heavily that someone would say something that would completely change everything. I was getting really frustrated when the spirit finally taught me something... They might not say it, but you can. I then has these things come to my mind, and I knew that I needed to share them in my testimony. So I did. And I felt so much better after, and then the rest of church went great. I feel a lot better now and I know that I needed to have that expereince for a reason. 

Heavenly father is great, isnt he?

I did have a good birthday! Thank you everyone for sending me the packages, and nice cards and emails. They helped a lot. Y'all are awesome and it was a great way to spend my birthday serving the Lord!

6 weeks left, lets finish this strong and have no regrets! 

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