Monday, December 12, 2011

It's so cool to use my priesthood!

This week was good! Not as perfect as last week, but good. We are still teaching all of our investigators and might have a few more, we are going back to a few people this week that we contacted from a referral. Only two of our investigators came to church! But, we are working hard to get them to prepare for their baptismal date. If everything goes right we should have 3 people for Dec 31. 1 for Jan 7. and 2 for Jan. 14. So we have 6 commits and 5 of them we both feel are solid. Our most solid one is Larry Austin, he is in his late 60's! His wife has been a member her whole life and he has been an eternigator his whole life,which is when they go through tons of missionaries and investigate the church for ever! And in our first lesson with him we commited him to the 31st! We gave him and his wife a blessing this past week! It's so cool to use my priesthood! And to see the miracles it performs!
We are trying to visit every single less active family in the ward, there are a ton! On the ward roster there are about 300 members but only 70-90 show up a week. So, we have really been focusing on that. I have a cool story about a less active family that we visited. Their last name is French and they have been less active for some time. We went there with Bro. Newman (a young guy in our ward who has been home from his mission for about 5 years and is really cool) The husband wasn't home, but since we had Bro. Newman we could go inside and talk to them. It was the Mom and her 3 daughters that were home. We started teaching them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Mom started crying! I think the spirit was touching her heart and telling her that she needs to go back to church. She knew it and God knew it, so he sent us that day to teach them.

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