Thursday, December 22, 2011


"This week was good, crazy, but good. We had our Zone Christmas party. It was combined with the Lafayette Zone. It was really fun! We ate and then had a Christmas play, which was really good. Then after that we had a testimony meeting about all the miracles that have happened recently. It was a really neat and spiritually powerful meeting.

The teaching is going great. I'm teaching half of the lesson almost every time! It is really cool to teach through the Spirit cause I've said some things that I've never said before and it seemed to work! But, we didn't have investigators come to sacrament meeting. Elder Davidson was supposed to speak in church, but when we got there both his name and mine were on the program to talk! I had no idea I was speaking, so I had to throw together a quick talk. I guess I did okay because we got a lot of compliments--either that or they were just being nice.

I'll leave you with a miracle that happened last night...So, we went to see this husband and wife that we saw had been taught a long time ago. And when we got there, a 20-year-old kid answered the door and said that the couple had moved. But, he invited us in to hear our message. We were able to teach him and his mom and they both understood everything really well. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the restoration and they both committed to read, pray and then be baptized! It was incredible! We didn't set up a date, but we are going back this Thursday to teach! It was truly a miracle. I feel like the Lord sent us there for a reason. He knows who is ready and guides us to them. I am so thankful to be serving him at this time and know that y'all are getting tons of blessings because of it. I love and miss all of you so much! Stay safe, enjoy life and have a very Merry Christmas!"

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