Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Get to Bear my Testimony Several Times a Day!

This past week has been awesome! We currently have 8 investigators! And 5 of them have baptismal dates! Elder Davidson is an awesome teacher. The coolest part about teaching is that I get to bear my testimony several times a day. I've noticed that it grows and grows everytime i bear it!
We are really focusing in less active members and part member families. So far we have only tracted for like 30 min. haha the rest of the time we have teaching appointments and are trying to meet a lot of the less active families.

The member support is amazing up here, everynight a member drives us and comes to our teaching appointments! And our area is pretty big!
Some cool lessons we had this week were with a few recent converts that were struggling and with a lot of investigators. One recent convert guy got baptized in august and has had heart problems, deaths and just a lot of trial in his life. He actaully lost his son in a motorcycle accident a few months before he got baptized, but then a member came over and gave him the Book of Mormon and said that it would give him comfort. He loved it and read it in 5 days! But he has been struggling lately and turned back to drinking and chewing, so we stopped by and taught an awesome lesson on faith in Ether 12. Another covert hasn't been to church in forever because she worked on Sundays. Then, the other day she got fired, but she knows that the Lord has a plan for her and that she can find a new job that will allow her to go to church! I thought her testimony was so strong! We taught her about how we can turn to Heavenly Father and ask him for those things, I actually used that thing you said about prayer mom! It helped her a lot.
We actually witnessed a small miracle. On Friday we went to this ghetto apartment complex that had some recent converts and less actives in it. We happened to see a lady and gave her a pass along card and asked if we could come back and teach her. She was very shy, but said we could come back on Saturday. We went back to that complex on Saturday to see her, but decided to stop by a recent convert's house first. She wasn't home and her daughter, who is an investigator, said she didn't know where she was or when she would come back. So, we went on to the other lady's house that we had met the day before, her name is Beverly. When she opened the door, our recent convert we had been looking for was sitting right there in her Beverly's living room! We were like "Hey, Sister Carter! What are you doing here?" It turns out the lady we just met yesterday was her sister! So, we taught Beverly and Sister Carter helped a little bit, and she agreed to come to Church, read the Book of Mormon, and to be baptized on Jan 14!! I couldn't believe it! Then Sunday comes around. Beverly is there with her two sons! She loved church and felt awesome while she was there. Then she came to the Social and Christmas devotional that night and she said she loived that too! This lady is loving The Church and its all because we just gave her a pass a long card and asked to come back. The Lord really does prepare these people and it is so awesome to see that!

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