Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday and Saturday we had a specialized training. We went over what we learned from Elder Bednar and how we can each personally help the mission culture. It was an extremely cool spiritual opportunity to grow and learn as the newbie that I am! We also learned how to use the family history websites so we can show members and nonmembers how to start with family history! I saw that on Grandpa Morse's side, there is temple work done for ancestors that go back all the way to 800!

We have made a lot of progress with less active families and investigators. There is too much to share all of it, but I'd like to share one story. It is about the lady's boyfriend who wanted to be taught. We met with him yesterday at Sister Leone's home. he works off shore so we actually taught him two lessons because he goes back to work soon. He had actually read the entire Gospel Principles book and has started the Book of Mormon. I thought the coolest part is that he said, "I'm not doing this for Kelly (his gf). I'm doing this because I want to change my lifestyle and be that example that all of the members are to me. The Lord truly prepared him to accept the gospel! All we have to do is just teach him. We suggested the 14th, Valentine's Day to be baptized, but he said, "No...I want to be baptized sooner!" It was so sick! We are meeting with him this week, so I will keep you updated."

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