Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This email is going to be really short... I'm sorry. A member just came and surprised us at the library and is taking us to the Zoo! 

This past week was branch conference, so it was nice to have all the stake leaders come. No investigators came.  But, we had 3 recent converts at church. Ralph, Greg and one that was baptized awhile ago. It was awesome, The one that was awhile ago is preparing to go to the temple, so that's really cool. Greg is getting the priesthood next Sunday! Wohoo! I'm excited for him. So, I'm really happy with the progress that each of our recent converts is making. 

A great lesson that I have had to learn the hard way recently is that being humble is the key to being a great disciple. Pride brings us down lower than what our calling is. The Lord has definitely helped me learn that lately, and I'm sure he willl continue to help me with that.

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