Monday, August 13, 2012

"This week was full of challenges and trial. Elder Silva and I decided to both work on Patience this month, and boy did we learn patience. Some of the pretty crummy things were, getting a flat tire, having to wait in a doctors office for two hours on our pday so spanish could translate a piece of paper... Also locking ourselves out of our apartment, having to sleep on spanish's floor and only getting and hour of sleep, and to top it all off we had nothing but rain this week. It was a pretty rough one. But with trials comes blessings. 

One of those blessings happened this week! We went and visited a family that we had been stopping by and talking with but never really about the gospel. But this time we felt like we should. So we introduced them to the book of mormon and also taught them the first lesson. They loved it! The ladies name is Michelle and she keeps telling us how much she loves us. It's pretty funny. But then the guy, Jay, just sits there and says "that makes sense" and "Yeah of course its all true." They are so sweet. We also met there friend Shelly. She is always asking us questions and wanting to know "the truth" She said she can't wait for her husband to get home (offshore) so we can start teaching him too. She after all that rain, came an awesome rainbow!

The lesson I learned this week, is that no matter how down we get, no matter what crap is going on... things always get better. The Lord remembers us in our trials. He is very aware of what we are going through and lets us struggle just long enough to allow us to grow. I don't like that sometimes, but looking back I'm so glad I've had those experiences. I love this gospel, I know it's true. When times get hard it's something that we can fall back on and gives us hope to get through those storms. I love y'all and I miss y'all tons."

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