Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Transferred after 10 1/2 months!

I’m being transferred! 10 1/2 months in Morgan City. I don’t really know 
anything else but Morgan City! So I’m a little nervous. But, President Wall 
called me last night and asked if I would be a Zone Leader. I’m excited for 
the " higher calling of love" as I like to look at it, and look forward to seeing 
a new part of the mission.

But on Tuesday of last week we had the small Zone Leader meeting with
Elder Packer, President Packer’s son, and it was awesome! I love it, I
feel like he was a lot more straight up with us than he was with the
rest of the mission on Wednesday. It was great instruction and such
a sweet spirit could be felt. I learned a lot and realized that I have
a lot of things to work on if I’m gonna be a zone leader, but it made
me really excited, cause I need a change to happen in order to take
the next step of progression in my path to discipleship. Sometimes it’s
a rough and bumpy path, other times it is smooth. I am grateful for
the bumpy paths, and try to stay humble on the smooth ones.

Elder Packer taught us something that I would like to share. He talked
about the process that has to take place in order to have lasting
conversion with members, less active members, investigators etc. First
we have to hear then remember, then understand, then act, then we become.
That is the process that takes the things we know and turn them into
action to make them a part of who we are. For example, in order to
live a principle of the Gospel such as Faith. First we need to hear
and learn about faith, and then we need to remember what we learned,
sometimes it is easy to remember, other times it might take several
reminders. Once we remember Faith then we need to gain an
understanding of what Faith actually is, and once we understand that
Faith is a strong belief that motivates us to act, then we can take
that understanding and turn it into action. (Following promptings,
paying tithing etc.) Eventually, if we do enough actions of faith then
it will just become a part of us. That is how the entire Gospel of
Jesus Christ can be turned from a knowing into a being or becoming.

We didn’t teach a whole lot of lessons this week due to all the
meetings, plus it’s rained everyday for over a week now. I freaking
hate the rain!  That’s why I love AZ! It rains for like 15 min a

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