Friday, February 22, 2013

This last week was really good, we taught a lot and did a lot
of good things. I’ll be getting a new companion tomorrow. Still don’t
know who it will be.

But something really cool happened this week... we got a truck!! It’s
so sick, I love it. It’s a 2013 Toyota Tacoma. I feel like a real boss
driving in it. We fit in pretty good with all of our members, cause
they all have trucks too. We even picked up a recliner off the side
of the road and brought it back to our apartment, just because we can.

The Mardi Gras parade was so much fun. It was pretty clean for the
most part. We got tons of beads and their floats were pretty cool.
Some people on the floats would see E. Bennett and I and would say,
"It’s the Mormons" and then like the whole float would just start
throwing beads at us. It was pretty funny.

Something that I’ve enjoyed from my studies this week is in
3 Nephi where Christ teaches the Nephites. I love the way he does it.
It shows me the weaknesses and strengths of my own personal
teaching. I’ve noticed that he uses language and stories that relate to
them. And then teaches them simply and clearly. I also love how he
teaches his 12 disciples and then tells them to go teach exactly what
he taught them to the rest of the multitude. I think that’s important,
because president tells us all the time that when you are taught
you only retain 15% of what you hear. But when you teach someone you
retain 75% of what you hear. That’s a huge difference. So he was
allowing his disciples to retain and understand more of what he was
teaching by allowing them to teach others. I think that is why the
new Youth curriculum is so important, because it forces them to retain
and understand it, because they are the ones teaching. I know that
from experience as a missionary, that I understand it better when I
get to teach it. I love the example that the Savior has set for us,
and I got to learn a lot more on how he taught people.

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