Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Gosh time is flying by. Today is my 8 month mark! But this week was good kinda crazy, but good. So to start off we did not get hit by the tropical storm "Debbie" President Wall called us last week and told us to be ready to evacuate to Baton Rouge if necessary. But another minor disaster happened here in Morgan City this week. One of the transformers for the power companies blew up! It caught on fire along with the back up generator and who knows what else! So we were out of power for about 2 days! We were actually driving by when it started to catch on fire and I got a video of it! hah But we stayed with President Albert for 2 days due to the no electricity thing. It
was way fun! We went fishing off his dock, His back yard runs up to the Bayou! Not to mention we ate like Kings while we were there! I love their family. They are Samoan and are so much fun to be around. Another cool thing that happened this week is I finished my first Journal! Yes me, "Carter-who hates to write in a journal-Bailey" completed my first journal. I realized I didn't want to forget all the fun and amazing times I've experienced on my mission.
But as for the missionary work goes... None of our investigators came to church! The only 3 we have are kinda at a stand still right now. But, we are trying to work hard with them along with finding new ones as well! But even with no investigators at church, we had all 3 of our recent converts there! Greg, Ralph and Catherine! It was so sweet! Greg and Ralph bore two of the best testimonies I've heard. Ralph's was literally... "I know that this is Jesus Christ's restored gospel, it has truly changed my life." and then sat down. It was so sweet!  Greg also received the priesthood today and Ralph will receive it next week. After Greg was ordained (given the priesthood), He shook everyone's hand and then Ralph stood up and gave him a big ole hug! Catherine is working with president Jordan to get ready to go do baptisms. I was so happy to see her at church! So our 3 recent converts are really becoming strong members of the branch!"

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