Monday, December 31, 2012

I don't have much time this week cause we are going to New Orleans to
play football with a bunch of other missionaries! It should be really
Something cool that happened this week is that we had Zone
Conference. The Assistants instructed us on leadership, and then
President took a long time to talk about missionaries. Specifically
about missionaries feeling like they arent acceptable to the Lord, 
which I feel like every missionary feels a certain degree of. But
basically what President did was just quote President Uchdorf
"Stop it" It was great. I loved it because what I heard was... "
Get over it, man up and just be a missionary" President didn't really
say that, he said it in a much nicer way. But that's what I took from
I really do feel that if we do our best and do all that we can, even 
if sometimes we don't see success, then the Lord will say "Well done 
thou good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a few things, 
I will make thee a ruler over many." He only expects our best. And that 
is different for every single person. But our best can always become better. 
I've learned that when we become satisfied with our efforts, then it's time
to look for more improvement in ourselves. It's our job to find out
what the Lord expects from us, and then we need to do it! "And If you
believe all these things, see that you do them" Mosiah 4:10

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