Monday, December 31, 2012

So I got a new companion this last week. His name is Elder Gates, and
he is from Las Vegas. He is a really good kid. 
The beginning of the week was kinda rough, we weren't really teaching 
a lot of lessons. But Saturday and Sunday were really good. We were 
able to find a few people that are interested. Church was awesome this 
Sunday! Mainly because Alan Hettinger, who has become one of my closest 
friends in Morgan City,finally came to church. In all 9 months of me 
being here, he had never come to church. But this Sunday he did! We went 
and ate at his house last night and he had a friend over that was asking 
us a bunch of questions and said he is going to go to church with Alan 
next week! So that was probably the best part of my week! You couldn't wipe the
smile off my face when I saw him walk in. We could really use him in
the branch. 
President Wall wants us to become the best teaching mission in the
world. So we have been working really hard on using different ways of 
teaching the gospel. ie) pamplets, the scriptures, videos, pictures. We are
also working on getting really good at asking inspired questions--questions 
that make people think and really get down on a spiritual level. The more 
and more I practice, the more and more I realize that I have a lot of 
improvement to make! 
I love being a missionary, I know that the Savior lives and that this
season is the best of them all, to reflect on his birth and sacrafice
for us. This season I would wish that y'all would find someone that
maybe "uncool" or doesnt have a lot of friends, and then go befriend
them. Be an angel in their lives!

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