Monday, December 31, 2012

This week we did a lot of service for different people. Mainly this
less active member that has been through the temple with his family
and everything! He has just lost his sight on the ultimate prize that's
all. But we helped him completely rip out his floor and then install a
new one. It was a lot harder and a lot longer than what all of us
anticipated. But he has opened up to us a lot and we hope that we
showed him that we love him and that's why we sacrificed three
days of time to help him. We want to start meeting with him and his
family each week now that we have a really good foundation with him.
He even invited us to go fishing next week! Which is always a plus. He
is the member that we went with one time and he straight up threw his
knife and stabbed a water maccasin while it was coming after him! 
We also had a lot of success this week. Alicia came to church with her
friend that is living with her and Alex. Sadly Alex had to work, but
it was great to see Alicia and Chelsie there. Alicia even got up and
bore her testimony! It was so sweet. We had one of the best testimony
meetings that I've been apart of on my mission. The Spirit was so
strong and I know everyone there could feel it. The best part was that
everyone had a big smile on their face and they just testified of how
happy they are because they are living the Gospel the way that it
should be lived. Chelsie said she cried, but with tears of joy. 
I also hit my year mark last week, which is a way weird feeling cause
I still feel so new at this. Time has flown by so fast, I don't want
the mission experience to end. Good thing I have a year left! I'm
excited to take what I learned from this first year and make this
second year even better!

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