Friday, August 10, 2012

New Orleans

"It was a weird week. I'll start with New Orleans (Nawlins)... it was really fun. So much to do with such little time. We started off by taking a ferry across the Mississippi River from the west bank to the east bank where downtown New Orleans is. I got some really cool pictures from the ferry. But we walked to the
WWII museum, we didn't go inside the museum cause it was so expensive and didn't have much time, but they show like a 30 min 4D movie that we did see. It was pretty sweet. I wish they would have given more historical info but it is definitely something that I recommend to go see if you are ever in New Orleans. Then from there we went down to the French market which is across from the French quarters, which is off limits to missionaries. The French market was just like those long walk ways with a bunch of venders, like a swap meet or stuff down in Mexico, which I love! It was cool to see all the different items they were selling. I didn't buy a lot of the stuff that I liked cause I have the faith that I will serve there someday. Overall it was a fun trip. Like I said, lots of things to do, with not a lot of time. But it was so cool to just walk the streets and feel the culture just sinking into you through the sidewalk. 
On a good note Gaby came to church! It was really cool. I don't know how much I've said about her but she is 12 and a less active member's daughter. She is a devoted follower of Christ. She has been going to a different church by herself since she was 5! So she really enjoys learning about the Gospel. We had a young women's activity this week and she was able to meet other girls her own age. Which was great cause that is one of the hardest things for a kid, is finding people to fit in with. So it was great. We hope to see her progress and be ready in August. Our other main investigator didn't come. She has a lot of family issues and plus she lives with another less active member. We hope to see her sometime this week. As for our recent converts go... Greg is so solid, he passed the sacrament again this week and is just a total stud! Ralph went to work again but this time on a boat on the river so he is able to communicate with us."

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