Thursday, August 9, 2012

"This week flew by so fast! Im surprised cause we havnt been able to teach anyone. We have just been focusing on less active members and our 3 recent converts. Ralph received the Arronic priesthood yesterday! That's two
weeks in a row that we have had a recent convert receive the priesthood. Greg is planning on passing the sacrament next week. This is starting to remind me of Many where we had both Larry Austin and Jeremy both passing the sacrament! Such a sweet feeling to see them exercise their priesthood.

 As in I've stepped back and looked at what things I can do to help my companion, I was able to just love him and serve him instead of trying to make him do things. Sometimes that's what it takes. I've been studying a lot about how the Savior taught and dealt with people. He didn't force people or tell them direct orders. He loved them and led by example through humility and obedience. I've learned a lot and was humbled once again. 

But we did have a fun 4th of July! The four missionaries and Sister Gore put on a branch activity. We worked really hard to make it a fun activity where people could bring their friends! We of course BBQ'd, but also had volleyball, wiffleball, badmitton, a waterslide, even karaoke! It was a blast. We had a great turn out. Nearly 60 people came! I wish they would all come to church! But that's another topic for another time."

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