Friday, August 10, 2012

Goodbye, Elder Heaton

"This week was kinda weird cause it was E. Heaton's last one in the field. So we spent most of our time saying goodbye to the members and other people he has gotten close with. But because of him leaving I obviously have to get a new comp. And so I got a call from President Wall last night, and he asked me to be a trainer! I'm really stoked for that. Being a trainer is probably the best calling you can have as a missionary. Mainly because you get to focus solely on missionary work and teaching the new guy how it's done. I feel blessed that the Lord and President Wall trust me to do this. It should be a fun time. I cant wait to learn from him!
But this week we had a lot of dinner appointments! We ate like kings all week. Church was good this week. Sadly none of our investigators came. But E. Heaton and I were asked to talk this week. I spoke on being an example to
those around us and how we can make that difference in someone else's life to make them want to be a better person. I used some scriptures that were really helpful. ( 1 Tim 4:12,15,16 Alma 17:11). 
We had a meeting this week and so we spent the night at another missionaries apartment. We woke up the next morning at 5 and played dodgeball. It got pretty intense. E. Heaton sprained his knee, another elder sprained his thumb and I cut up my thumb trying to pull a White Goodman from dodgeball and ended up crashing into the curtain divider in the gym! But it was pretty fun!"

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