Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things are going great for us here in the LBRM (Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission). Miracles are happening and prayers are being answered. I loved conference yesterday, so many great insights and questions that I wanted/needed to be answered. I can't believe that I only have one more conference left. Crazy to think next one I'll be home 3 weeks later... scary!
Gwen came to conference! How she got to that point was a tender mercy of the Lord! Let me share. Saturday night we stopped by her house before we left for the priesthood session. She was super overwhelmed and her youngest daughter Zoey was sick with a 102 temp. We offered a priesthood blessing for both of them, and then we left. The next morning Zoey was back to normal with a temp of 98.6. Gwen on the other hand was still a little overwhelmed and had been up since 4AM. She texted and asked us if she could watch the Sunday morning session on her computer at home. We responded by telling her that yes, she can do that, but coming to the church and watching it there is a whole other experience that we didn't want her to miss. So, she quickly got herself and her girls ready and brought them to church! What Faith! But wait there is more... As most of us know, President Uchdorf started off Sunday morning with an explosive and inspiring talk. Little did y'all know that his talk was written EXACTLY for Gwen! Ok, well not exactly, but that's how it felt. Her situation is exactly the one he described in the beginning. Gwen was in tears after only a few seconds, she leaned over to us and said... "Can you believe I almost stayed home?" The spirit flowed into my heart and once again my testimony grew a little stronger. She is the rock in our lives that keeps us moving on.
In other news, we got another missionary here in Albany. So we are in a tri-panionship! The new guy is Elder Ralls, he is from Utah. But I've known him for most of my mission. Very obedient, but fun loving kid.
We also had a awesome meeting in Baton Rouge with President Wall. All the Zone and District leaders met and we had a conference call with Brother Donaldson, we was the mission president of the San Diego mission when they filmed the district. He is now a full time employee of the missionary department teaching mission presidents and missionaries how to do missionary work. So yeah, he is kind of a big deal. But it was awesome, he instructed us on how to use the tools we have as missionaries better.

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