Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What a great week in Albany! Tons of spiritual experiences that increased my testimony of the Gospel! First of all Gwen was baptized Saturday! Saturday was probably one of the most spiritual days of my mission. Let me run you through the day... To start off we got up and played football with the Ward, not a bad way to start off any day! Then we have been asked to teach our investigators at least once in the bishop's home before they are baptized, so around noon we taught a lesson with Gwen over at bishop's home. It was a sweet lesson, we just talked about the things that we promise to do at baptism and then how God promises us an out pouring of the spirit. She was in tears.
Then off we went to go prepare for the baptism. We washed the mirror and the glass in the font, then we swept the font. We set up chairs and tables in the gym for refreshments afterwards. Everything was going great We then decided it was time to fill up the font. So, we turned on the hot water and let it run.  We let it fill up for about a foot and then we checked the running water and it was cold! A foot of hot water is not enough to keep the entire font warm! We ran out of hot water and we were scared and nervous because we didn't want the cold water to distract from the spirit of her baptism. So the thought came to my mind... "Say a prayer." So we went into the primary room and knelt in humble prayer. I was asked to offer it. I've never said a more heartfelt or faith-based prayer in my life. I don't remember much, but I do remember saying "Heavenly Father, we have the faith that you can make the water warm. We don't want the water to be an issue and take away from the spirit of the baptism." While I was saying it, an overwhelming peace came over me, I knew at that point that no matter what happened, it was Heavenly Father's will. So we stood up and and made our way to the font. Elder Ralls turned on the hot water and felt it. "It's actually getting warmer," he said. Elder Jensen said... "No way, let me feel" He went down there and just smiled and shook his head. I already knew in my mind and in my heart that Heavenly Father blessed us with this miracle, but I wanted to feel it. I walked down those steps and felt the water... it was WARM! And it stayed warm throughout the rest of filling it up and even up to the point of her baptism! We had witnessed a miracle. Immediately after feeling the water, I knew what I had to do. So we went back to the primary room and knelt down again and gave a prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude. Never in my life have I felt the spirit so strong, testifying to me that God takes care of his Children, and if we but simply ask in faith, he will give it to us. Because of that miracle, the baptism went great and the spirit was so strong. I am so grateful that Gwen was able to have such a spiritual experience at her baptism.
So that was the biggest miracle. Later that night we were at the Strawberry festival with a couple of members, where an inactive woman that I knew came up and we started talking. Then out of no where she said that she wants us to teach her two daughters that were never baptized! So we will start teaching them this week. The Lord is blessing us here. These blessings far out weigh any of the trials that we have recently gone through!  I'm kinda spiritually high right now. Its awesome :)
On a more worldly note... we went to a Gator farm last week! It was soo sweet. The people that own it were some of the original swamp people, from that TV show "Swamp people" I took tons of cool pictures, so I'll try to send some of those.

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