Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So this week was an awesome week. We got to go ZLC (Zone Leader
Counsel) with President Wall, Sister Wall and the assistants. It was
really cool, President Wall focused a lot on being happy. We were able to
take some activities to the meeting that we had on Friday with our
entire zone. They seemed to really enjoy it and I hope it helps our
missionaries be happy. Sadly, missionary work can be really
discouraging sometimes and a lot of missionaries let it get them down,
so we try to think happy thoughts when those times come. 
Something that made me happy this week is that President let us read
an email he got from higher authority, saying that we are now allowed
to email friends and anyone else that we want, as long as they live
outside the mission boundaries. So I'm excited to email some people
that I haven't heard from in awhile!
I have told you how awesome Gwen is? Her progression this week was
outstanding! We had a really awesome lesson with her, when we first
got there she was a little flustered with everything that was going on
around here, you can tell she is trying to be super mom. But once we
started the lesson and got into things, everything started to calm
down. She is a spiritual Giant, and she knows it! She even said that
she is a sponge when it comes to stuff like that. She even called
herself Sponge Bob Holy Pants. She sent us this text after our lesson:
"I have to say this.... things were amazingly crazy right about the
time you showed up and in the beginning of our discussion, did you
notice how quiet out it was when we were through? And everything in my
home calmed down so much I actually caught a 30 minute nap!
Coincidence, I think not :) " She feels and listens to the spirit so
well! She came to church again this week and brought her 3 young
girls. They stayed all 3 ours and she made the comment to me "I think
I've found my church." Man did that feel good to hear. She also said
that her goal is to go to the temple... She isn't even baptized yet and
she wants to go! She wants to do baptisms and then in a year she wants
to go through for herself! The Lord is definitely mindful of our
situations and he is well aware of her's. He knows that she is ready,
all we have to do is guide her in the right direction and then she and
the spirit will do the rest. It is  truly a miracle and a testimony
builder to me! I feel blessed to be a part of something so sweet.
Life is good, it is oh so good!
Story time! So one say this week we were coming home from going out
with our ward mission leader, when we pulled into our apartment there
was a pet turkey, yes I said pet turkey, That was just sitting there,
so I was like sweet I want a picture of that turkey. So I took a
picture, but then it started chasing me! I seriously thought it was
gonna peck me. hah It like trapped me so I couldn't get into our
apartment, meanwhile elder Jensen and our neighbors are laughing their
heads off while this turkey is slowly plotting its attack. So I
decided to make a break for it, so I start running towards our
apartment door and I'm squealing like a little girl and it starts
chasing me into our apartment and I slammed the door and it almost
came in! Luckily I still have like lightning speed at 210 lbs, And it
didn't get into our apartment. It was so funny!

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