Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We had a busy week last week with exchanges and also interviews with President Wall. We also have been meeting with Gwen and just helping her continue her growth in the Gospel. It was cool because President Wall and Sister Wall were able to meet her and they said they would come to her baptism on the 13th and then we told Pres Wall about how she wants to go to Salt Lake to go through the Temple and they invited her on the spot to stay with them as their guest when she comes out. So that was really cool. Plus she told President Wall that she would be a fool to deny all the truth that she has learned over the past month or so. It was a sweet experience to hear her say that. We had an FHE with her and her girls last night.
Last week for P'day we went to this Global wildlife safari thing. It was so cool cause we got to feed all these animals that you normally only see in the Zoo. We were on this private jeep thing and they just came straight up to us and we gave them corn and stuff.
Then yesterday we went golfing with a less active member. That was really fun too. I shot like +29. I actually beat both the member and Elder Jensen. It was good, I love golfing and I hadn't been in forever.
Easter was great. We had our stake president and wife speak. They did a great job. President Burkart talked about the 7 things that Christ said while he was on the cross and how we can apply them to our own lives. It was sweet and the spirit taught me a lot. I encourage y'all to look those up and ponder on them, let me know what you think.

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