Friday, September 13, 2013

"Hope is Tomorrow's Veneer Over Today's Disappointment"

We had a busy and eventful week.  I don't like sharing negative things in my emails because those are no fun. But, we had a bit of a let down this week.  Mxxxxx, our only investigator, is dating Mxxxxx, a member...I'm pretty sure I've talked about them before.  About a month ago, Monica said she was leaving the church. Well she did that again on Sunday. She said she is leaving the church and that she doesn't want us to come visit her unless she invites us over. This breaks my heart. But, last time she called us back 4 days later and changed her mind so hopefully that happens again this time. 

Enough of that negative stuff... So this week we had MLC  (mission leader counsil) It was really good. We counseled about different aspects of missionary work. Things we are doing well, and things we are going to try and improve. Overall as a mission we are doing really well, we have a lot of missionaries that are trying there best. 

We are working on transfers this week. That's always fun.  President is having us make our own transfer board with what we would do if we were to transfer everyone, so that's pretty cool that he trusts us to do that. Of course he will make all of the changes, but it will be cool to see which suggestions he likes of ours. 

In other news, I asked President Wall if I could extend an extra 2 weeks... Elder Hauata goes home 2 weeks before I do. So basically there will be 2 brand new assistants with no experience when I would go home. So I asked if I could stick around for 2 weeks and help them out. He said that's a great idea. Right now it looks like I will be extending :) Love and miss you tons!

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