Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Email Home...

"Everyone else in my district is awesome. We have 9 elders and no sisters. 5 of us are going to Baton Rouge and the other 4 are going to Fortworth,Texas. The other elders in my district are Elder: Lopez, Penrod, Bawden, Fulcher, Hubbert and Border. Elder Border has been my homie here at the MTC. He's a big 6'6 dude from Ogden, Utah. I'll be sending pictures home sometime this week! So all you girls out there if you want to write Border just let me know ;) And Elder Lopez has a story for everything! yesterday we kept track of all the stories he told. I stopped counting at 110!! haha he literally has a story every 2 min! Sometimes its annoying but we love him anyways!

Last night we had a district study, and we decided to go around and tell each of our experiences of how we decided to serve a mission. It was so spiritual, to see how each of the kids had a different story. I think the reason why we are all put in the same district was to share those stories to stregthen our testimonies of why we are here. I think the reason why Elder Border and I get a long so well is cause we have a similar story. We both had chances to play college ball. He had a chance to play basketball, me with football. But we both set that aside to serve the Lord."

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