Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More From Sister Leone of the Many, LA Ward:

"We have a ward here in Many. We average about 80 people each Sunday. Our boundaries are pretty wide. The boundaries are pretty much the same as our parish (county) boundaries. Some of our members drive around 20-25 miles to come to church! Most of our members are above age 40. We have about 15-20 Primary children...on a good day....and we only have one young man and no young women! We're a close ward though because pretty much we're all related. Most everyone is either related to the Hardy/Hayes family or the Wagley/Slay family! I've been a member all my life. I'm a 5th generation Mormon! On Sundays we have 5 generations that attend...my grandmother, my mother, me, my daughters and my granddaughters! So my granddaughters are 7th generation Mormons! We feel very blessed!
Our family was very impressed with Elder Bailey. In fact my mother and I were talking about him today and how at ease he was yesterday visiting with our family. Most new missionaries are quite for awile but he was very engaging in conversation. Plus, I was very impressed when all the seats were taken in the living room and my 35 week pregnant daughter walked in. Elder Bailey stood immediately to offer his seat to her. That proved you've done a fine job rearing your son! Plus Elder Bailey sure won us over when he talked about LSfootball....we are die- hard fans!"

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