Monday, November 21, 2011

MTC is a gospel time machine

I have seriously grown so much in the gospel these past two weeks. The MTC is like a gospel time machine. The spirit that is always here is like being in the temple 24/7. I'm a little scared because I've been in this place where the Spirit is here all the time, but I know I am prepared to take on the outside world.

I want to share an experience I had the other day. We were teaching a pretend-investigator, Chris. During the lesson, for some reason I felt inspired to ask Christ to bear his testimony. I had never in my life felt the Spirit stronger than when I asked him to bear it. And when he actually bore it, I knew that him hearing and thinking those things pushed him and got him to commit to a baptismal date that we had been trying to get him to commit to for a long time. He wasn't a real investigator. It was our teacher in character as an investigator. But, the spirit was still there and I knew that I was a mouthpiece for it. We were also able to give an Elder in our district a blessing. His back has really been bothering him, and was causing so much pain that he couldn't sit anymore. As soon as we began walking back to our rooms, his pain went away. My testimony of the preisthood was strengthened tremendously!

I miss and love you guys so much! I pray for your safety every night and I know the Lord is watching out for each and everyone of you because he loves you!

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